“Virtual Training” arose out of a need due to the Covid pandemic lockdown period. Although a little hesitant to start with, companies are starting to use Virtual Training platforms to train delegates at their more remote sites who were never offered the training due to the cost (both monetary and time) of travelling to the venues.

Now training can be offered to sites in locations all around South Africa.

Added Advantage has been assisting companies to upskill their staff and also meet their Work Place Skills plans before April next year.

With the Holidays around the corner, we all have gifts on our mind. And really, every day is a good day to show your love with something beautiful. Even science says so: did you know that gift giving makes you happier than spending the same amount of money on yourself? But sometimes, finding the perfect gift can be stressful: What if she doesn’t like it? What if he thinks it is funny, or childish? What do you get someone who has everything? No worries – we got you covered! Following these 5 rules of gift giving, you are sure to find the perfect gift for everyone.