Added Advantage Academy is a recognised, registered end-user training company, known for superior training programs delivered by a skilled team of qualified and highly experienced trainers.
We are passionate and dedicated with a strong commitment to delivering real business benefits. We provide businesses and individuals with training solutions that suit their needs. Our end-user training is instructor led. On-site as well as customized learning solutions are offered.
Added Advantage Academy further assists in providing the necessary end-user training skills that will transform your team/s from ordinary to extraordinary with the best learning experience in the industry.

Job Profiling
At Added Advantage Academy training centre we assist companies to create standard job profiles. We provide workshops incorporating our consultants, client employees and management to establish the preferred profiles.
Information Technology (IT) Skills Development Path
An IT skills development plan goes hand-in-hand with job profiling. Added Advantage Academy can help companies and organisations to implement IT skills development plans for their employees.

Post Training Support
Added Advantage Academy provides a free, one-month telephonic support service. Other options are a dedicated telephonic support or onsite support personnel.

National Certificates:
  • National Certificate: Information Technology End User Computing. SAQA ID: 61591 – NQF Level 3
  • National Certificate: Information Technology Systems Development. SAQA ID: 48872 – NQF Level 5
  • National Certificate: Business Administration Services. SAQA ID: 67465 (23655) – NQF Level 3 (2017)
How Can Added Advantage Assist?

Skills Development
  • Added Advantage will assist you to complete the Company Workplace Skills Plan and submit it to your Seta on time.

  • Recruit Unemployed Learners
  • Administer the Learnership for the company
  • Train the Learners